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Do you really need a 5+ bedroom home?

Often the first question asked by a realtor when meeting with a home buyer shopping for a new home is, “How many bedrooms do you need?” At first this may seem like a perfectly logical place to start, but is it? So you carefully count your children to make sure you haven’t forgotten any. Next you try to imagine your next holiday gathering with family guest enjoying their visit in a nicely appointed, fully decorated, ‘untouched-by-little-hands-honest-to-goodness-guest-suite’ complete with its own grown-up bathroom! Yes!!  Then the next thoughts come rushing in… Is that guest room going to need to double as a home office, a craft room, and an exercise room?  Ok, so maybe one more bedroom will be required.  Are there any 6+ bedroom homes in my budget?


I once had a photography client with a LOT of kids. They also had a pretty large budget. They fully remodeled a (not so large) home down to the studs with the luxury of knowing that price was not an issue. They had every professional at their disposal. An architect, a designer and a builder. So, what did they do? When I arrived to photograph this beautiful home after it was complete and they had fully settled in, I was pretty amazed at how they tackled their ‘need’ for an extreme number of kids bedrooms. They skipped them! No bedrooms. Yep, none. Instead they had opted for a single LARGE bunk room space. An incredible kids space with lots of bunkbeds and dedicated areas for each of the kids. I know, I know.. It will never work! It did work and they love it. With all the extra space now left over, there were family living spaces created for the entire family to enjoy. A beautiful eat-in kitchen, a large exercise room, multiple living areas to be able to be together for activities or separate. And yes, even a lovely fully dedicated ‘untouched-by-little-hands-honest-to-goodness-guest-suite’ complete with its own grown-up bathroom!



Bunk Room
Kids Bunk Room (This is a sample photo of a kids Bunk room, not the actual client’s home)


Home searching time is the time to think about your overall goals, and not get too ground down with bedroom counts! Let’s say you start your real estate search by excluding homes that do not have at least 5+ bedrooms. You will likely forgo seeing many homes that may have been a nice fit for what your actual goals were. Would a larger three bedroom house with huge bonus space and a barn or a metal building have been an even better fit for your family than simply an additional bedroom or two? What about a 4 bedroom house with a studio guest apartment over the garage that was not technically counted as a bedroom? These homes would be excluded in a search for 5+ bedrooms! We often see families completely change their mind about what they are looking for when we show them a great house on a special property that can be slightly modified to meet their bedroom requirements vs buying strictly for bedroom counts.  Shop with your budget in mind without too much exclusion based on bedroom counts and you will find some gems that you may have other wise missed.

Colorado Home Searching for your Most Desired Features

Colorado Homes with Solar
Search for Colorado Homes with Solar


Focus your search on the things that really matter most to you and are difficult or impossible to add or change later. Do you have a dream to live off-the-grid with no reliance on community power? How about a mountain stream running through your nicely treed property? Would a Colorado home with a mountain view be your idea of a great way to wake up every morning? Rather you are thinking the Teller county rocky mountains, the Master Planned Communities of El Paso county with its kid friendly parks, or a wide open place in Black Forest or Falcon with privacy, room for the horses and nice maybe even some front range mountain views; focusing on your bigger picture lifestyle goals will lead you to the right Colorado property.

We strive to provide you with one of the best homes search websites in Colorado  for helping to accomplish your search goals.  You will find access to professional level  advanced property search options and public access to THREE (and growing) of the same Colorado MLS data bases that top Colorado Real Estate Agents use everyday to locate the best properties for sale in our Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.


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Tips for your on-line Colorado Property Search

  • Don’t over filter – Selecting too many search filters too early will return poor results and keep you from learning what is available in your target market. Start broad, then narrow your results as you learn more about what is out there. Understanding what is and is not available in the market at different price points will help you know a good deal when you see one.
  • Remember to check for an  Aerial View – If drone footage has not been provided, check for an aerial  map view which can then be zoomed in to. Or enter the address into mapping software until you can get this valuable perspective. You can obtain very useful information from the aerial view or learn of things you need to investigate further. How close are the neighboring homes? Are the roads to property paved or dirt? What is that large facility just over the hill? A few minutes looking over the aerial view can save you (and the seller) a lot of time if you discover something early in your search that excludes this property from one that meets your primary goals.
  • Search using the most up-to-date data – Unlike some consumer sites which often lag days behind (particularly with sold data) collecting data from multiple sources and syndication agreements, our site has direct access to MLS feeds approved and endorsed by the MLS systems themselves.  Our data is accurately updated multiple times per day directly from the best data available.

Where is the Best Place to Start Your Colorado Property Search?


  1. Broad Search – When you are more concerned with seeing what is available at a given price point than seeing properties in a particular county or district, This search will show you everything in all of our Colorado coverage areas. After you narrow down to your particular areas of interest, you can then move to the Advanced Search for more filter options.
  2. Map Search – When you are unfamiliar with the area geography, the Map Search may be the most friendly place to start your Colorado property search. After you determine your areas of most interest, you will then want to move to the Advanced Search for the most filter options.
  3. Advanced Search – Property shop like a boss! Professional level property filtering available to really zero in on the exact features you are looking for. Start broad, filtering for  your most important features, then gradually add filters to narrow down to your top most promising candidates!





Colorado Creek Properties


Want a fun place to start your Colorado Property Search? Try some of these unique searches then simply modify the search to fit your individual location and budget needs:



I hope some of these unique property searches and search tools will help get you excited about searching for Colorado real estate like a boss!

If you would like to set up your own automated searches to keep you up to date by email, just sign up to the Red House Mountain Realty website and save your searches.  You will then be automatically updated if a new listing comes on the market that meets your criteria.

We are also here to help! Feel free to  set up a custom search with all the parameters that meet your search wish list. If you are ready to set up a time to see the properties you find interesting, please just give us a shout! 719-900-3338




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