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Life in the shadow of Pikes Peak is certainly sweet in Woodland Park. Known as the City Above the Clouds, Woodland Park combines "mountain retreat" vibes with easy accessibility to many popular destinations throughout central Colorado. The city's population is just under 8,000. Woodland Park offers a great assortment of local businesses and close proximity to all the major attractions of the Rockies making it a phenomenal place to live.


Woodland Park - Rampart Range Area - Pikes Peak Mountain Views


Getting to the mountain top oasis of Woodland Park is simple. Woodland Park opens up to the rest of the state through U.S. Highway 24 (known locally as the Ute Pass) and State Highway 67. This is a city with views! In fact, one of the first things you may notice is, due to the strategic curving of Hwy 24 through town, beautiful views of Pikes Peak seem to be projected like a hologram from nearly every spot in Woodland Park! This combined with fact that Woodland Park sits at an elevation of 8,465 feet, means that many of the properties throughout Woodland Park enjoy these stunning Pike's Peak views.

Some of your friendly neighbors will likely include the curious wildlife poking around in your yard when you choose to live in such a natural, unspoiled place! Woodland Park's terrain is very inviting to elk, eagles and deer that find their way from trails in nearby Pikes National forest.

Why People choose Woodland Park, Colorado as a Great Home Base

There are many inviting reasons to want to live in Woodland Park. For some, they view this mountain town as the perfect centrally located home base, enabling them access to an active mountain lifestyle with great hiking right out their back door, along with convenient access to weekend skiing excursions and premium Rocky Mountain winter sports. The easy commute to nearby Colorado Springs, via hwy 24, is a big plus for those desiring Rocky Mountain living and climate while maintaining convenient access to a larger city. You can unlock your love for mountaineering with a fully modern twist in Woodland Park! Are you curious to discover what life is like for those who call Woodland Park home? Let's take a deeper look shall we?

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What Life Is Like in Woodland Park, Colorado


Woodland Park is unique because it's technically a vacation village that slowly transformed into what resembles something more like a mini-suburb. Its close proximity to Colorado Springs ensures that residents never feel like they are missing out on "civilization" just because they've chosen to live in a quieter mountain town. However, Woodland Park certainly offers enough attractions and amenities to make you want to stay put! There is a collection of locally owned shops and restaurants right in Woodland Park. A scenic, lovely 20-30 minute drive along the Ute Pass will bring you from your home in Woodland Park right into the heart of bustling Colorado Springs.

Yes, it's very easy to picture yourself living here as you drive around taking in views of curved passes lined with Colorado blue spruce and beautiful mountain homes. The beauty of Woodland Park is just the beginning. This is a small city that's alive with culture. In fact, Woodland Park is a place that a number of full-time musicians call home. Woodland Park and a number of surrounding towns and cities host music events and arts festivals throughout the year. Complete with impressive community parks and a scenic golf course. It's so easy to make yourself at home in the mountains here!


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Get to Know That Unmatched Woodland Park Air

There's no doubt they'd put the air in Woodland Park in a bottle to sell if that was possible! People who spend a little bit of time in the city seem to always comment on the fact that the air simply feels fresher and crisper here. Due to its high elevation tucked up in the Rockies, Woodland Park experiences what is known as an alpine subarctic climate. This means that summers here are notably milder than summers experienced at lower elevations. In fact, the air feels notably different in Woodland Park when compared to popular locations in Colorado like Denver or Colorado Springs. Residents of Woodland Park live for outdoor campfires in the back yard on cool, still summer nights!


Some of the Highlights of Living in Woodland Park

Many people who settle in Woodland Park love the mix of feeling like they live on the outskirts while also being part of a tightly connected, very active community. For instance, the city's award-winning Woodland Park Farmers' Market shows off the spirit of this community. There's simply so much to do in Woodland Park for people of all ages! Woodland Park is also home to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. This wonderful museum and learning center provides fascinating exhibits and hands-on experiences for curious minds.

Woodland Park also happens to be one of the few towns in America with a waterfall! You'll find an enchanted attraction called Rainbow Falls just a little bit off the beaten path beyond Manitou Park Lake near Highway 24. Of course, Manitou Park Lake is an attraction that certainly deserves its own attention. This beautiful lakeside park with accompanying picnic area is a perfect spot for hiking and fishing. In fact, many people decide to look for homes near Red Rocks Group Campground after spending a little time at the attraction while exploring Manitou Park Lake. (Visit our lake properties page to see more about Manitou Lake Real Estate)

The biggest draw to living in Woodland Park is simply that you have Pike National Forest in your backyard! Located within the Front Range, Pike National Forest encompasses more than 1.1 million acres of wilderness. The forestland within the park is famed for being comprised of course pink and orange granite. Those who live in the area can explore countless trails offering beautiful views and wildlife encounters.


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The Perfect Place to Call Home in the Mountains


Yes, you really can make a full-time home in a "mountain town" when you choose a city that's equipped for families and people of all ages! Woodland Park offers so many benefits, events and everyday amenities that make it easy to live life tucked away under the watchful gaze of Pikes Peak. The city is served by Woodland Park School District RE-2. One thing that's clear is that the whole town loves to cheer on the Woodland Park High School panthers!


Relocating to Woodland Park


Woodland Park is an attractive option whether you're a long-time Colorado resident or you're transferring to the state. You won't want to overlook this charming city if you're looking for a place to live near Colorado Springs in Teller County, Colorado. Commuting to Colorado Springs from Woodland Park requires just a scenic 17-mile highway drive. Of course, the robust highway access offered by Woodland Park makes commuting to a number of hubs throughout the region quite easy. There's a lot to learn about if you're transferring to Colorado for the first time in your life. For instance, living in Woodland Park means living in a place where you can expect to enjoy 300 days of sunshine per year! Yes, this is truly a land of sun and snow that offers surprising and delightful views from all directions.


Why Live in Woodland Park?


This is the community to have on your radar if you're intrigued and excited by the idea of living in a city that's surrounded by a million acres of beautiful terrain known as Pike National Forest. Of course, you probably have lots of questions about moving to Woodland Park if you've placed this city on your list of places to consider. There are homes of all styles and sizes for new residents to browse once they decide that this city is beckoning them home. You'll discover everything from rustic mountain retreats to fully contemporary new builds. The team at Red House Mountain Realty is happy to show you around town! We specialize in helping people find their perfect personal retreats in the Colorado Springs areas. We can help you plan a smooth, rewarding relocation to Woodland Park that allows you to live your dream of living in one of the most beautiful, natural cities in the country. Shop our Woodland Park Real Estate page or reach out today to begin the search for your lovely home near Pikes Peak!





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