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Colorado Property Search with Public MLS Access combined with Advanced Search Filters


We were pretty happy to be able to offer not just one but THREE nice Colorado MLS Data bases during our first year. This gave our property shoppers a pretty impressive look at the Central Colorado real estate market and beyond. However, things just got better! We are happy to announce the addition of CREN Colorado Real Estate Network, the major Southwestern Colorado MLS Data base, bringing this Colorado property search website up to FOUR direct Colorado MLS feeds. We are so PUMPED to be able to bring all this new Colorado real estate territory to you! This means an additional 16 Colorado counties for you to real estate shop using our powerful advanced property search and filtering tools.

If you are in search of specialty properties like Colorado Homes with Mountain Views or Water  you have probably already learned that sorting out properties with specific features from all the others can be a real challenge if not completely impossible. While you can easily search for a particular number of bedrooms, bathrooms and maybe a minimum number of acres in most places, getting more specific is typically a challenge.


Southern Colorado Luxury Home

Motivated to improve your ability to find the real estate you are looking for!


When we opened our brokerage, Red House Mountain Realty LLC and started this website, we were largely motivated by the desire to help solve this niche property shopping frustration. We especially love the mountain areas and we wanted to specialize in helping others to find the more unique and hard to find properties. We knew there had to be a better way of locating this type of real estate than what we could currently find out there.

Having to read through hundreds, if not thousands of long property descriptions and slowly sorting through endless property photos looking for the evidence of the illusive Mountain View or stream on the property was simply maddening. While engaging a professional Colorado real estate agent like us certainly can help locate the properties with the features you are looking for, we understood all too well, that this is not the same as being able to sort through the listings personally. I liken this process to shopping in a jewelry store and waiting patiently as you ask the clerk to show you the items locked in a case. Only this is worse because you can't even see in the case! What if what I am searching for isn't even in this case? What if it's in the case across the street or across town? Uh.. the process was just so painful.


Southwestern Colorado Land
Southwestern Colorado Land


We have learned that people searching for specific specialty properties like SOUTHWEST CO  HOMES with property that borders BLM land or National Forest for example, are typically far less concerned about WHERE the property is than that it is the QUALITY of property they are looking for.

This has always been our situation in a nutshell. We have typically been far less interested in finding something in a particular city or county than we were in finding the right property. Once we were on a mission to find a farm that fit our family and our budget. Once it was the search for a horse property with a barn and a pond. Once a river property on which to build. Then a smaller farm etc. etc. In fact most every time we moved, it was a monumental task to find what we were looking for. Through the years we found ourselves becoming the experts on finding and purchasing the out-of the- box rural properties. We learned a lot about the world of wells, septic systems and the challenges associated with the lenders preference for the more typical subdivision home loan.

We built the Red House Mountain Realty website with property shoppers like ourselves in mind. Shoppers that are looking for the less typical and want to be able to move freely between different areas and search according to very specific and sometimes evolving search criteria. We set out on the task to build a property search website that gave this type of property searcher as many tools as possible to locate the preverbal needle in the hay stack.


Southwest Colorado Landscape

Finally! Tools to find the Unique Colorado Real Estate you are Looking For!

Hoping to find a Colorado home for sale in Rocky Mountain Teller County with rock formation views on the property?  Oh wait, you are thinking more of a great Colorado fishing property? We get it! That is what this site is all about. Want Colorado land to build on but hoping to find a mountain property with a water well already drilled? We've got you covered! Yep, there's a search for that.

Our subdivision folks need not feel left out! We have taken these same great search tools and applied them to some of the most popular Colorado communities making it possible to get super granular search results right inside a particular neighborhood. Search for homes with a 3 car garage, homes with a walk-out basement, kitchen islands, perhaps a sprinkler system or all of these things combined! You can even search some areas for homes built by a particular builder.

Check out a new search page featuring Southern Colorado Properties with Mountain Views, Rivers or Streams curtesy of our new CREN MLS feed!

While we do not personally work all of the areas we provide for you to browse, we do network and build professional relationships all over Colorado partnering with the best area Realtors. You will find a map of our primary service areas here. And we will be able to assist you further with any property you find on our site! Give us a shout, we are looking forward to meeting you!




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