The Best Places to Live in Colorado Springs

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An Introduction to Colorado Springs Most Popular Communities

Moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado offers some exciting possibilities! If you have been trying to figure out where is the best place to live in Colorado Springs, I hope this post will help give you a few things to think about. Let's take a quick tour around town and see if we can help you get your bearings and answer that question for you!


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At just under 200 square miles and a population of over 465,000 people, Colorado Springs is big enough to impress, while small enough to not overwhelm a new comer. Like most cities of its size, Colorado Springs has sub areas that are large enough (and filled with enough amenities) to be considered their own independent small communities. Most sport their own schools, grocery stores, and public parks. You may have already run across some of these mini-suburbs popping up in your Colorado Springs real estate searches and have been wondering what is Colorado Springs and what is not.

Sub Areas of Colorado Springs and Surrounding Communities

A few of these popular Colorado Springs communities include places like, The Briargate Area with all it's upscale shopping and restaurants, The South Side with it's convenient access to the Fort Carson Military Base, Manitou Springs with great hiking and shops right at the base of Pikes Peak, Old Colorado City with walking access to sidewalks lined with shops and places to grab a bite to eat, The Powers Corridor with so much new construction and ample shopping, and many more such Colorado Springs communities that we will explore.

Determining the top place to live in Colorado Springs will likely be as individual as each of you are! I will try to highlight what our locals site as the main draw to each Colorado Springs community area.

The West Side is a Top Pick for Best Places to live in Colorado Springs

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Garden of the gods - Is a gorgeous public park registered as a national landmark is located on the Westside of Colorado Springs, Co

When asking around for the best places to live in Colorado Springs, one place we heard more than any other was The West Side! Colorado Springs locals just love their West Side! But why is that exactly? Well, the West Side is the mountain side of Colorado Springs and home to famous public access park, The Garden of the gods. The neighborhoods of the Westside snug right up into the mountains and enjoy front row seats to some of the most impressive mountain and city views. Laying in the edge of the mountains has other benefits such as a slightly higher elevation and a bit more of a mountain climate than some of the more eastern communities. This location also means the most convenient quick access to Rocky Mountain weekends via Hwy 24. The westside area is fully developed and mature, so finding new construction there is a bit more of a challenge than some of Colorado Springs other community options.

If there is a downside to living on the west side, it would probably have to be the premium home prices associated with choosing such a long standing established popular community. Also, the shortage of new construction options may be a deterrent for some.

Woodland Park Mule Deer

Northwest Colorado Springs

With some of the same advantages (and disadvantages) as the West Side, North West Colorado Springs puts the mountains at your doorstep. Home to one of the most popular neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, Peregrine, and convenient to the Colorado Springs Air force Academy. The Northwest is a good choice for those looking for homes with the potential for privacy. Herds of deer are often seen meandering through the neighborhoods. Boulders, scrub oak and big horn sheep decorate the landscape. Like The West Side, amazing big city views can be found here.

The Broadmoor Area - Southwest Colorado Springs

You can't shop Colorado Springs real estate long without running across the alluring Broadmoor Area. The area is exceptionally beautiful and upscale. This community also snugs up into the mountains on the west side of Colorado Springs. Upon entering the area, you are sure to be impressed with the lush green grasses and thick trees that are far less plentiful in many of the more eastern parts of Colorado Springs. The area is well established and quite a display of beautiful mansion lined streets.

The Southeast Area

Colorado Springs in general is considered to be "high desert" country. Forested areas are scarce and the majority of the area is generally a dry and flat terrain. If you had not noticed this yet on your travels through the city, entering the South side area would most likely be when you did! The south side of Colorado Springs definitely starts bringing in a more southwestern flavor. New construction is available in this area and even at some of our more affordable price points! You will find neighborhoods here such as Lorson Ranch and The Glen which are convenient to Fort Carson Base to the West and the Colorado Springs Airport to the North.

Old Colorado City (West Side)

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Old Colorado City is a unique find in Colorado Springs. One of the cities oldest neighborhoods and convenient to Downtown Colorado Springs. Old Colorado City is like finding your own small town inside of a larger one. Locally owned shops and restaurants line the sidewalks, like my favorite Pizzeria Rustica with its wood fired pizza oven and charming outdoor patio. If you are dreaming of being able to walk to your favorite coffee shop in the morning, a look at Old Colorado City should be on your list of places to check out.

Manitou Springs (West Side)

stairs at manitou springs incline

Manitou Springs is a historic mountain town located at the base of Pikes Peak, right between the mountains and the Garden of the gods park. Charming neighborhoods with winding roads that climb through the steep hillsides of Manitou Springs are one of the things that make Manitou an intriguing and unique location possibility. If you want to live in a place with the best free gym membership in town, Manitou Springs could be your jam! Perfectly situated at the mouth of the incline with its 2,744 heart pumping stairs that lead straight to the firmest glutes of your life. When you are finished with the incline you can head on over to the nearby Garden of the god's to finish off your workout with its 31 hiking trails! By this time you should have a ferocious appetite and be ready to enjoy all the local restaurants and shops that line the streets of Manitou Springs. Manitou is perhaps best known for its 8 natural mineral springs that are fun to locate and try as you walk through town.



Want to be in the middle of the Colorado Springs suburbia experience? Complete with PF Changs, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and the like? Well, The Briargate area is sure to bring a smile to your face! The Briargate area even sports beautiful mountain scenery. But you need to be ready to move fast.. Homes often sell very quickly here!

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Powers Corridor (Slightly East of Central Colorado Springs)

Banning Lewis Ranch Real Estate

The Powers Corridor is filled with new shopping, restaurants, and an explosion of growth. Mountain Views are still possible from many locations here. You will find some of Colorado Springs most affordable and exciting master planned developments. Banning Lewis Ranch is a top choice Colorado Springs neighborhood with its own neighborhood schools, private pools, a water park, and miles of walking trails complete with play parks. Quick convenience to all amenities is a big draw to this area.

Black Forest Ponderosa Pine Trees

Are you looking for a more rural environment? Maybe some horses and a little land? The Black Forest Area may just get your attention! More of what you are looking for, while maintaining a close proximity to all Colorado Springs has to offer. In Black Forest 5 acres parcels are abundant. The miles of Ponderosa Pine Forest of the area have earned Black Forest its name. Dirt roads and barns set the tone of county charm here and there is no shortage of high end luxury horse communities (like Wildwood Estates) either!

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Take Me to the Mountains!

Just outside of Colorado Springs we have the Teller County (and ParkCounty) Rocky Mountains. If weekend escapes to the mountains are not going to be enough to satisfy your cravings for mountain life, you may want to consider commuting IN to the Springs from above! Hwy 24 makes for an easy commute and many people choose to take advantage of the employment opportunities of Colorado Springs while living in Rocky Mountains.


Here are some properties that are in close proximity to Hwy 24:

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