Camping on Your Colorado Property

Colorado Camping
Camping in Colorado

Camping on Your Property in Colorado

Have you ever considered purchasing a beautiful piece of land just for a recreational get-away? You are not alone! Some of the more frequently asked questions we hear revolve around the purchase of Colorado property for the purpose of camping. Many people also buy properties to build on at a future date and enjoy them for camping right away.

What to Watch for While Colorado Land Shopping

Counties have rules that govern camping. Much of the Colorado land you will see for sale will also be located inside of planned community developments with HOA Covenants. If you are interested in purchasing Colorado land for camping in our Teller, Park, or Custer County Rocky Mountains for camping here are few things to watch for that we will cover.  

  • Community and County level camping restrictions
  • Number of days per year aloud with and without camping permits
  • Ways to extend number of days allowed in each county


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Camping Colorado Property

Check for Community Restrictions

Making sure to confirm that the property you are considering does not have property restrictions or covenants in place that all together prohibit camping is a good place to start. This would be the case for most subdivisions or private developments. Colorado land for sale located within a subdivision or development typically have a Home Owners Association (HOA) in place for the purpose of protecting the common good of the community.  The prohibition of on-site camping is a frequent rule included in protective covenants.  Occasionally subdivisions even have time restrictions around when you would need to begin to build on vacant land from the time of purchase.

When considering a property for purchase, you should always ask to be provided by the seller, with a copy of any existing HOA documents or community covenants and restrictions. It may not always be obvious that you are looking within a protected development.  While most do, not all developments prohibit camping, but even those that allow for camping, typically impose time restrictions on the number of days of continuous camping allowed.

Local County Camping Ordinances

Purchasing land in areas without community restrictions will likely give you more latitude in your ability to camp on your own land. The next consideration is the local county ordinances that may prohibit camping or limit the number of consecutive days one may camp on their own land. When you are looking at a subdivision or development within a county, in general, the stricter rule prevails.


(Shop Colorado RV Friendly Properties For Sale)Stream in Cripple Creek Colorado - Teller County - Blog Image

Stream in or around Cripple Creek Co – Teller County, Colorado

Camping on Private Teller County Land

For example, at the time of this writing, Teller county guidelines, allow up to 60 days for camping in any 12 month period. Camping over 14 days requires a camping permit in Teller county. A development inside of Teller county could choose to prohibit camping all together but they may not override the restriction and make the days allowed any longer than the county rule of 60 days.


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Camping on Private Park County Land

Park county currently allows property owners 14 consecutive days of camping without a permit. Owners with a permit may camp up to 30 consecutive days within one calendar year. There is also an option for one 30 day renewal possible (with conditions) in the same calendar year. An additional 30 days may be applied for if you have a permitted septic system installed on your property; for a total of 90 possible days. At this time, Park county requires permits be acquired 14 days prior to the commencement of camping. Please refer to the Park County Development Services Department for the most up-to-date information.


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Camping on Private Custer County Land

Custer County has similar requirements for over 14 days of camping. Over 14 days will require an OWTS variance by the county. Any recreational occupancy for more than ninety 90 days within a year requires the installation of an approved septic system and is considered a permanent dwelling.


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In all circumstances there are guidelines regarding waste disposal to be considered.


capped well
Property with well installed


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National Forest Camping
Shop land for sale adjoining public lands now

You may also be interested in Public camping the national forest. Another interesting option is to purchase land adjoining public lands for lots of room to roam!

Interested in shopping for recreational mountain land in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado? Be sure to check out our website page featuring Mountain properties for sale. We would love to help you with your search for camping land!

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