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We believe that nothing is more healthy and motivating than to have good reasons to do what you do. We have determined to use our community reach to reach out to others who are making a difference in their communities and need support to do what they do.

We feature and support various charities and encourage you to personally reach out to them at anytime.


Some small organizations like the one vetted below, do not have an official non-profit status, so there is not a tax benefit should you choose to reach out directly. However, we believe the work being done here is genuine and a great profit to those being helped!


Supporting this Ministry


If you know of an extraordinary ministry or you yourself are part of one and would like to be considered as a featured ministry on this page (and/or social media exposure), please fill out the application.  If possible, we would also encourage you to consider sending a video explaining your outreach.

Referrals to your friends, family and social media outlets are also helpful.  Thank you!

Anil Faith Ministries

You may recognize this ministry as one we have featured before. In this video Anil Kumar Veedhi answers questions that were emailed to him previously.  Anil did a great job.  Please keep in mind that English is not Anil's first language (which is Telugu) and he quickly put this video (and others) together at my request.

Anil is from Andhra Pradish state which is located in India. He has a Batchelor of theology from Church on the Rock Theology. He has a heart for the children in need in his community.

Questions Sent:

  1. How long have you been involved in this ministry?
  2. Why did you decide to do this? 
  3. How would you say things are going for you at this point? 
  4. What does a typical day or week look like with this ministry? (What are your activities? How much of your personal time is involved in caring for this ministry?)
  5. Are you serving both adults and children? Can you tell a little about the situation of the people?
  6. How do people find you?
  7. Do you also work outside of this ministry?
  8. What expenses do you typically have per month?
  9. Where do the funds currently come from?
  10. What are your immediate needs?
  11. What can a single person do to make a difference in the lives of the people that come to you for help? (For example: Is there a cost that you know could be met to feed one person? Or a cost to buy a certain item that is needed each month? Simple goals that a person could understand that may desire to help but has limited means themself.)
  12. What are you hoping to see come of this ministry?


Quote from Anil,

"Because I know the pain when I was child. I have no proper food and clothes because of our poverty. We as a family being in God's work since 25 years and we were blessed with many things by showing the right place to start worship center. I have seen many children coming to church having no proper clothes and food. I took a decision to do something and make something new in their life. They're all lovable children. Our request is please trust us by visiting us and be a channel of blessings to our children."

These photos were taken prior to the Covid 19 pandemic. This area of India was already struggling.

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