Fisherman’s Corner – Great Colorado Fishing Properties

Fisherman’s Corner – Great Colorado Fishing Properties

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Search Colorado Land and Homes with Streams, River Frontage, National Forest Access and Close Proximity to our Areas Best Local Fishing

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties

Finding Colorado's Best Fishing Properties


Finding the perfect Colorado fishing property can be challenging. This property search page is designed to help you locate the most desirable currently available properties near the best fishing in our Teller, Park and Douglas county Rocky Mountains.

People travel from around the world to enjoy some of the finest world class fly-fishing in our Gold Medal dream stream waters of the South Platte River which meanders through some of Colorado's most beautiful mountain land. Our prized reservoirs and lakes are surrounded by gorgeous national forest lands and miles of Rocky Mountain wonder. Purchasing a permanent fishing property in the Lake George, Deckers, Wilkerson Pass, Guffey or Hartsel area, is the dream goal of many a Colorado fisherman.

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties Fly Fishing Trout in Net

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Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties Fly-fishing Colorado Dream Stream
Real Estate Broker, David Chester Fly-Fishing Colorado Dream Stream - Eleven Mile Canyon

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Eleven Mile State Park | Pike National Forest | Spinney Mtn State Park | Taylor Park Reservoir | Antero Reservoir Areas - Residential Listings Mapped

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Map of Homes for Sale around Prime Colorado Fishing Area

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Land for Sale - 5 Mile Radius of Great Fishing

Land For Sale- Some within Walking Distance of Best Fishing Areas!

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties

Eleven Mile Canyon & Reservoir

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado
Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado

Eleven Mile Reservoir Colorado (Slideshow 07/2020)

You may also want to check MAP above OR our Eleven Mile Page for a look at area Homes for sale near Eleven Mile Reservoir with the Residential Listings.



Eleven Mile State Park is Colorado's 20th largest reservoirs. The reservoir sits at an altitude of 8600'. At 6 miles long, it is one of the largest bodies of water east of the Continental Divide. The area is an open basin and rangeland and can be windy. The open terrain means that shade can be scarce. With 325 reservable campsites and trophy fishing for trout, kokanee and pike, Eleven Mile is a great option for a weekend fishing get-a-way.  The campsites offer picnic tables and grills with easy access bathrooms. Most of the campsites are nicely spaced out from adjoining spaces. Many butt directly into the waters edge making for a very convenient trek to the waters edge. There are even fish cleaning stations provided. In the summer, sun protection in the form of hats, sunscreen, umbrella or canopy might be appreciated as well as possibly bug protection.

With the windy conditions, Eleven Mile is a popular destination for sailing, windsurfing and winter ice boating. Boaters and kayakers also enjoy the large area to play during the summer months. In the summer, kids will love the mildly sloping sandy beach entrances available to the water in several locations. Even on a busy summer day, it seems the reservoir is large enough to accommodate a crowd comfortably. We were able to easily find several options for fishing and play.

There are many bird species that reside in or migrate through this area. So it is a fantastic bird watching location. The sea gulls were abundant and an enjoyable source of entertainment the last time we were there in the month of July.

Eleven Mile Canyon is located below the dam of the reservoir near Lake George.

Eleven Mile Canyon is forested, lush and rocky. The river twists and crashes against huge boulders with trees to provide shade. It is a beautiful paradise. The reservoir which forms the lake is mostly open and sunny. However, even in the reservoir there are many welcoming coves created by the rocks which line the shores of the lake and offer a little shade as well as a feeling of privacy.

This is a picturesque spot to camp, fish, hike, or climb.

From Lake George, CO on Highway 24 take County Rd. 96 South. After 2 miles, vear right at the fork and you will arrive and the 11 mile canyon entrance station.  There is an entrance fee per vehicle.

Eleven Mile State Park Area Listings and Property for Sale near 11 mile.
Turquoise Lake by Leadville, Colorado
Turquoise Lake by Leadville, Colorado

Land for Sale in Turquoise Lake Area

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Turquoise Lake is an 1800 acre recreational area located about five miles west of Leadville Colorado. It is fed by Boustead Tunnel and is the 13th largest reservoir in Colorado and was named for the rare turquoise deposits found in the area. Turquoise Lake sits at an altitude of 10,151′.

Land for Sale in Spinney Mountain Reservoir Area

Spinney Mountain Reservoir Colorado (Slideshow 07/2020)

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Spinney Mountain State Park is located about 55 miles west of Colorado Springs, CO. It includes the 2,450-acre Spinney Mountain Lake Reservoir at an altitude of 8,710 feet, 3,470 acres of surrounding land, is fed by the Platte River and is number 31 on Colorados list of largest reservoirs. The park also includes about 4 miles of the South Fork of the South Platte River upstream and downstream of the reservoir. Fishing is catch and release.

Who doesn't want to be the first Angler of the season to be pulling out a nice Rainbow trout from the Spinney Mountain Reservoir? Once the ice begins to thaw, those hopeful fishermen start the early morning trek up the mountain in pursuit of staking out the perfect fishing spot. What an anglers edge to have your own permanent mountain top fishing headquarters within walking distance of the Spinney Reservoir and access to dream stream South Platte fishing!

Boats are allowed with multiple ramps available. The area around the lake is open and easy access with mostly sandy beaches. Sun protection and bug spray could be appreciated in the summer.


Land for Sale in Twin Lakes Area

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties Twin Lakes Rec Center Colorado
Twin Lakes Rec Center Colorado

Located at the base of Mt Elbert and Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area and 15 miles south of Leadville, Co, Twin Lakes Reservoirs are number 11 on Colorado's list of largest reservoirs. With an inflow from Lake Creek and a combined surface area of 2,700 acres offering brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout. Twin Lakes has 2 boat ramps and 3 camping sites available. In effect since 1990, you can take home up to one lake trout however, any trout between 22-34" must be returned to the water immediately.

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Land for Sale in Antero Reservoir Area

View MAP of currently available properties at the Antero Reservoir | Land for Sale within 5 miles of Antero Reservoir

Antero Reservoir

Antero Reservoir was created by the first dam built on the South Platte River, and it's located in Park County, central Colorado. It sits at an elevation of 8,942'.  Unlike most, this reservoir is not owned by the state. It is part of the Denver, Co water system. The Antero Reservoir lies just over 2 hours from Denver, 90 minutes from Colorado Springs and just under 40 minutes west of the Eleven Mile reservoir. If you're coming from outside Colorado, fly into Denver or Colorado Springs for easy driving access to the reservoir. Accommodations are available in Fairplay, Colorado.

Motorized and trailered boats are allowed, and you can fish from the shore. Hand-launch boats, canoes, rowboats and float tubes are allowed.

Antero Reservoir is home to the extinct volcano, Buffalo Peaks. This reservoir has 2,300 surface acres, 11 miles of shoreline and contains a wide diversity of fish life for anglers to pursue. Here are some of the species you might find on the end of your rod: rainbow trout, brown trout, greenback cutthroat, snake river cutthroat, kokanee salmon, cut bows, splake and brook trout. Many species grow to trophy size due to the reservoir's incredible fertility and the plethora of scuds (freshwater shrimp) in the area. For example, trout grow an average of 15" long and specimens above 18" long are relatively common. The bag and possession limit for trout is two. (7/20) Check the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Colorado Fishing guide for more information.

Antero Reservoir is fairly shallow and weed growth makes trolling a challenge in the summer. You may have to modify your technique to accommodate the trophy-size fish with your name on it.

Buy property here to create your own fishing paradise in some of the most gorgeous country in Colorado.


Check here for more quality fishing information on the Antero Reservoir Area

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Land for Sale in Manitou Lake Area

View MAP of currently available properties near Manitou Lake in Colorado | Land for Sale within 5 Miles of Manitou Lake

Manitou Lake

Manitou Lake is a small, 5-acre reservoir along Trout Creek in Teller County, Colorado. It's situated at 7,700 feet above sea level. The terrain features ponderosa pines and grassy meadows, as well as scenic views. The reservoir is just 7 miles from Woodland Park, near Westcreek, CO.

You can catch and release small- or largemouth bass year-round. For motor trolling, there is a limit of three baits, hooks or lures for each angler. There is a huge collection of fish waiting to be caught — just make sure you know which species have specific open seasons and which you can catch year-round.

Fish commonly reported by anglers at Manitou Lake include: catfish, panfish; largemouth bass and smallmouth bass; muskellunge and hybrids; northern pike; trout; walleye, sauger, and hybrids; lake sturgeon; paddlefish; rock, yellow, and white bass; rough fish; round goby; ruffe; shovelnose sturgeon and white perch. Motorboats are not allowed on Manitou Lake.

Adventurous outdoorsmen and women love the tranquil water and unhurried pace of life on the lake. Consider property near Manitou Lake for year-round access to fishing and fun.


Directions: From Colorado Springs, travel on US Highway 24 approximately 18 miles to Woodland Park. Take Highway 67 north approximately 7 miles. Manitou Lake is on the right (east) side of the highway one mile north of Colorado Campground.

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Land for Sale in Rampart Range Reservoir Area

Rampart Range is an exceptionally beautiful area convenient to (4.2 miles) Woodland Park, Co  and Colorado Springs with a 440 acre reservoir. Due to its high position the area views are spectacular. Here is a little information about fishing in the area.  The reservoir is stocked with fish and boating is allowed, however physical contact with the water is not allowed. There is a boat ramp, restrooms and a camping area. As of this writing, camping sites are currently reservable. This information may be updated and should be confirmed and here.

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

More Colorado Land for Sale Near Fishing Hot Spots

Colorado Big Horn Sheep
Co Big Horn Sheep Cheeseman Canyon

Within 10 Miles of Premium Fishing Areas

Due to their locations inside of the National Forest, some of these areas are tricker to get close to.

Like coming upon a herd of Big Horns in the road to Cheeseman Canyon, you may just have to think a little out of the box to get around the obstacles. Take heart, the adventure is half the fun. With this search you can find properties adjoining the National Forest or within these, some will achieve nearby or direct access to the fishing rivers. Using our arial maps, you can follow the streams for even more premium fishing finds etc. We can help you locate your perfect track of land.

Ready to buy a piece of property? We can help you locate Colorado's best fishing properties.

Colorado RV
Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado
Cheeseman Dam Lake Pike National Forest Colorado
Cheeseman Dam Lake Pike National Forest Colorado
Bighorn Sheep on the banks of the South Platte River
Bighorn Sheep on the banks of the South Platte River

Cheeseman Lake Reservoir Area Land For Sale

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Cheeseman Reservoir

Located near the town of Deckers, Colorado off hwy 67 in Jefferson and Douglas County. Keep your eyes open and you might spot an occasional moose or even a herd of bighorn sheep!

When completed in 1905, the 735' Cheeseman Dam was the world's tallest dam at 221' above the stream bed. The Denver Water Board purchased the Cheeseman reservoir and related facilities in 1918 and it was designated a historic civil engineering landmark. Recreation is very limited at the Cheeseman Reservoir. Fishing is only by foot and only allowed on the Goose Creek arm on the northwest side of the lake. The upper and lower Gill Trail affords scenic views. Cheesman Canyon below the dam is considered as one of Colorado's best trout fisheries.

Access Cheesman Lake from the north and south by following Jefferson County 126 to Forest Service Road 211. Take 211 (south) for two miles, bear left at the fork and drive a mile to the main entrance gate at the north end of Cheesman Lake. You will have to hike from here to where fishing is permitted at the Goose Creek arm portion of the lake.

North (downstream) from Cheeseman Reservoir Dam is considered Gold Medal Fly-fishing waters of the Platte River. Ranking in at number 25 of Colorado's largest reservoirs, Cheeseman has  (Read more from a great fishing resource HERE)

Here is a link to more information about Cheesman Reservoir. Here is some information for Cheesman Canyon.


Tarryall Reservoir Dam Colorado
Tarryall Reservoir Dam Colorado

Tarryall Lake Reservoir Area Land For Sale

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.


Highway 285, South of Jefferson, Colorado. The Tarryall Lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout. Primitive camping is available around the lake. Fish from the dam, shore, or boat. The creek inlet above the dam and the creek below the dam for a couple of miles are both popular fishing hot spots for anglers. Just be sure to respect the posted private property signs!  May through November is the best time to fish Tarryall. You can find the major Tarryall hatches HERE.


Todays Tarryall Fishing Report

Tarryall Ice Fishing Reports

More great fishing information at Tarryall here.

Taylor Park Reservoir Colorado
Taylor Park Reservoir Colorado

You may also want to check MAP above for a look at area Residential Listings.

Located on the West side of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness and well surrounded by National Forest, Taylor Park Reservoir is located in Gunnison, is fed by Taylor River and is the 17th largest reservoir in Colorado. Taylor park is a little more difficult to purchase property in extremely close proximity of the lake area.  Taylor Park Reservoir is near Crested Butte making property purchase in Crested Butte an interesting option. Get great information about Taylor Park Reservoir area fishing as well as other outdoor things to do here.

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties

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