Selling Your Home with Matterport 3D Tours

2018-06-14 18:07:45 (original post)

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours are an Important Tool When Selling Your Home
This 3D Tour technology is AMAZING! This is quite arguably the best tool out there for selling a home. While some of benefits are obvious, let’s take a look at some of the not so obvious ones and why you should insist on having one of these.

TIME SAVER! Beyond the obvious wow factor, this baby is a serious time saver. Regardless if you are the seller, the buyer, or the agent, let’s face it, no-one likes to waste time.  Giving the potential buyer a good look at a property without a site visit just makes sense for everyone involved.  Creative camera angles may make for a nice set of marketing photos, but a well educated shopper is able to determine their true interest.  3D Tours give the advantage of seeing (and showing) things just like they look if you physically walked into the space.  Less distortion than most wide-angle photography and better rendition of actual size and feel. This is good for the buyer AND the seller!  People like to be given enough information to determine their level of interest in a property prior to a site visit.

MEMORY KEEPER!  Buyers typically look at a LOT of homes and take tons of photos.  So much so, it can be a challenge to even figure out which pictures belong to which house by the end of day three.  It is overwhelming to say the least.  What was interesting on day two can be a bit of a confusing blur by day four.  Things you think you will remember, often end up in questions like, ‘Was that the one with the nice backyard?’ Be the property that a shopper can look at again and again (and again) once they get home.  They can even study the FLOOR PLANS that are generated during the 3D scanning process. Yes, floor plans! This allows people to study the lay-out and even dream about remodeling and decorating.  Be THAT house!  

RECORD KEEPER!  It’s a snap shot of your property.  Prior to movers, visitors and traffic coming through.  You just photographed every inch of your home, floors, walls, furniture etc.  Now if there is any question of the conditions at the time you showed it, sold it, or serviced it.  You have a recording of the current condition.  Just a nice record. Security.  Remember, these tours are not ‘live view’ they just FEEL like they are. They are actually more like awesome 3D time capsules.  It could help with security if you scan a home prior to moving furnishings out.  The home can still be looking ‘lived in’ even after you move out.  

Hope this helps you see 3D Touring advantages in a new ‘can’t live without it’  light.  :). 

We offer it to all of our listings regardless of the type or size of property.  I also offer it on my website as a photography service.  If you are out of our area, I encourage you to look for a Matterport 3D service provider!
Matterport 3D Tours
Matterport 3D Tour Home Scanning

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