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Home Staging with Color - Wall Art
Home Staging with Color Themes

Home Staging Tips

So, you are ready to sell and you would like to see top dollar offers. Here lies the challenge of marketing and showing the house at its very best while likely still living there.

Have you ever spent a Saturday afternoon touring those beautiful model homes in a new construction neighborhood? Builders make every effort to stage and decorate their model homes because they know that staging helps sell houses! Simply put, staged equals faster sales for higher sales prices.

While we can all certainly “use our imagination” to see the potential in a prospective home, most of us benefit from not having to do that. Model homes help us to see the POTENTIAL of a house. They assure us that this house can in fact look pretty great if we only put the right things into it.

But we live here.. with our 2 dogs

Then comes reality. Model home styled living is not a current reality for most of us. We have messy playrooms, the treadmill in the corner, laundry baskets, things in our closets, hamsters, ugly (but comfy) chairs, and busy lives! Sometimes real life is just a little bit messy. When it comes time to sell a house, its time take a hard look around and determine what is realistic to improve upon and what is not.

We all know that the closer we can get to an ideal, clean well pulled together ‘model look’, the better. This post falls under what I would call the “low hanging fruit” in reaching that goal. We are going to focus on one low cost home staging strategy that can have high impact toward the goal of selling faster for more. And let’s face it, maximum return on our investment as quickly as possible, as low cost as possible is usually the goal.

More Home Staging Tips – Using Color to Stage like a Pro

Yellow pouf next to rattan armchair adds pop of yellow along with with striped pillows – plants and neutrals come together for great visual texture

Taking a staging tip from the beautiful builder model homes… A favorite strategy of model home interior designers is to take inspiration from a single art piece or other wise attractive decorative element such as a great throw pillow and pull the best colors from that piece to spread throughout the room or even the entire house. If you pay attention, you might be surprised to realize that the pieces used are rarely expensive! This is all about a pulled together look. You are not selling the accessories or the furniture. You are selling an inviting and welcoming space.

Where to Start

Look for inspiration from within your existing wall art, window coverings, or perhaps a colorful decorative vase that is working well in your home. For example, if you look around and see that some of your favorite pieces have a pop of yellow, then you already have a good place to start. Continue lightly sprinkling some additional yellow decor through-out the house and you will start seeing a more pulled together look taking shape. Need some inspiration? Check out this 3D Tour of Colorado Springs, Colorado builder model home by Aspen View Homes that pulled this idea off with the color orange:

Learn more about using 3D Tours when selling your home from a previous post HERE.

Home Staging with Color
Home Staging with Color

What to do with the Walls

We can’t talk about home staging tips without talking walls! Walls are often the most neglected (and feared) space in a home! Either they are way too cluttered with personal photos and a mix mash of things that do not necessarily compliment the home, or they are pretty much bare. If you find yourself in either of these situations, this is a good place to give some attention for a quick and high impact return on your time.

Balancing Bold Color with Neutrals

First remove and pack anything that is not actually complimenting the space. Next, look for prints and wall decor with touches of your new theme color. Don’t go overboard! (Think kisses of color.) You will then want to consider incorporating a few nice decorative neutral pieces as well. These neutrals are a great place to add some ‘visual texture’. Great neutrals with texture could be added to the walls, floors and throughout the space. Decorative wooden bowls with fruit, natural woven baskets and throws, jute rugs, simple wooden pieces, textured flower pots with potted plants, twigs or branches added to a pretty glass container, natural wooden framed art and mirrors etc. These neutrals help add the feeling of comfort to a space.

Bringing in the Neutral with Plants, Baskets, and Natural Wooden Pieces
Adding Visual Texture with Neutrals – Glass & Twigs
Playful Pinks – Just a Touch

Your Free Digital DownLoad

Wall Art

To help you get started, I am including some of my personal Staging Art from the Modern & Colorful Collection FREE below. These are instant downloads which you may print or have printed. I hope you enjoy and can find something nice and colorful that works good for your decorating project among this collection. 🙂

These are compliments of RED HOUSE MOUNTAIN REALTY. They are exclusively for your personal use. (This simply means that you may not resell them or redistribute them in any way for sale. However, agents, designers, home owners etc. may freely incorporate them into your projects and marketing or any way you see fit.) Just click through and download to your computer. If you would like to share these further, please do so linking to this blog post. You are free to repost the free content as long as you direct to this post. It helps us when you share this way! Thank you very much!)

If you are located in Colorado and plan to list your home for sale, please give us a shout. We offer complimentary staging and decor loaner assistance to our clients.

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