Living in Lake George Colorado

You may be asking yourself.. Is Lake George Colorado a Good Place to Live?

Well, a better question may be.. Can a hidden place in the middle of seemingly nowhere, with a tiny town, really be considered a hub of excitement? Actually, yes! While it is indeed a tiny town with a current population of only 696 people, it is also a great location. With its hand full of small local businesses dotting Hwy 24, Lake George is definitely not going to wow you with fancy coffee shops and delicate retail boutiques. However, it is a gem of a Colorado find for other reasons!

Lake George - Bull Elk

Lake George is located in the Rocky Mountains of Park County Colorado

In this case, "The Middle of Nowhere" it is actually in the Rocky Mountains! That alone qualifies it as a destination. Sitting at an elevation of 7992', the mountain weather is very addictive here. With mild summers, extended spring and fall weather and beautiful snowy winters, the Park County Rocky Mountain climate is something that is hard to explain and even harder to replicate. The local Rocky Mountain terrain here in Lake George is breathtakingly beautiful. About 39 miles will also get you back to bustling civilization of Colorado Springs or 20 miles will get you to some of those fancy coffee shops in Woodland Park, Colorado. πŸ™‚

Fisherman's Corner - Colorado's Best Fishing Properties



For the Outdoorsman, Lake George is hard to beat

Considered one of the best fly-fishing hubs in the world, Lake George is home to the Gold Medal Fly-Fishing waters of the South Platte River. More about Gold Medal Fly-Fishing Waters. Both the Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile ReservoirΒ also call Lake George home. Buying a fishing cabin in Lake George, Colorado is on the bucket list of many a serious angler! If that is you, you can check out the Lake George real estate page here. Or check out all of our great potential fishing properties here.

Eleven Mile Canyon

Lake George is also home to Eleven Mile State Park. Rock Climbers can be seen scaling the cliff rocks of Eleven Mile Canyon Recreation area while the fisherman fish in the Platte River below. With all the activity, wildlife and beauty, the river area in the canyon between the rock cliffs is also a fun place to spend the day for photographers.

Colorado Ski Lift Chair Filled with Family
Colorado Skiing

Lake George is a Gateway Town to the Winter Sports of the South Park Basin

Lake George is a place where there is much to do in the way of outdoor recreation right in your back yard. Hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, prospecting alone could keep you busy every weekend of the year. However, when winter comes, one of the best things about this location is its easy reach to more of the great outdoors of Colorado. I have always considered the Lake George area as an especially good 'home base' option for those who love to ski. Day trips to some of the best skiing in.. the.. WORLD are within your reach here. Getting a nice cabin in Breckenridge, Colorado can set you back a couple of paychecks to say the least! However, you can be there in an Hour and half from Lake George. Vail, Colorado is two hours and 10 minutes. You can find more about local skiing information here.



Cost of Buying a Home in Lake George

Compared to much of Colorado, Lake George is still quite affordable. Nice homes with acreage and mountain views can still be had here in the six figures. Occasionally even below 300k! Expand out just a little to neighboring towns of Florissant, Divide, Guffey, Woodland Park and more of Park County for more affordable Colorado mountain property options. When shopping the Park and Teller county areas for real estate, give us a shout. We would love to help you find your next home or Colorado mountain get-away!







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